• My ability to connect with others has provided so many fulfilling opportunities throughout my life. I believe life’s most valuable lessons are learned by simply being present and interacting with those around you. An open mind and desire to gain experience and understanding are two of life’s greatest tools.

    I am a Utah native but my heart’s roots are spread across the globe and I am constantly being pulled back to cultures, people, locations and memories. All of which are a huge part of my work.


  • al·be·do ⁄al-bay-doen. ⌊Latin⌋ The ratio
    of light that's reflected to that received.

    There is so much light around us! The people we meet, the places we go, the days we fill with mundane tasks, it is all light that we are absorbing by simply living and experiencing the world around us. I am constantly taken back by the light in my life and I want to reflect as much of it back into the world as possible!


  • Although I prefer to be travelling, I do have a home base. Currently, that home base is:

    Bay Area California

    If you are ever nearby, don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to create something together so lets connect!