Say Hello! But

      I want to make sure you know what to expect when working with me! Based on my experience in the wedding industry I believe that your photographer and planner are the two most crucial decisions you will make when it comes to your wedding. This is also where a large portion of your budget should be spent! You may not realize it now but out of all the details that will go into your wedding, your photos and the memories are the things that will survive past your wedding day. Over time they become even more valuable as you look back on them to remember and relive this incredible adventure!

      We may not be the best fit if you are looking for a planner to recreate a wedding from Pinterest or if you are trying to find the best price in which case you may not value or want what I am able to give to you. I am a firm believer that weddings are for no one but you and should serve your needs first. That doesn’t change when it comes to vendors. Do it your way and find vendors that fit your needs.

      I will curate and cultivate an environment where those meaningful memories can be created with ease and where the photographer can authentically and artistically capture them without having to distract from the moment to fix details or avoiding obstacles! Those photos will help remind you of the love you share even when you are old + grey and the memories start to fade.

      This day is more than just a formality. It’s the sweet hand squeezes during your vows because you just cant wait for the kiss. It’s mother nature graciously attending your day in whatever form she pleases ; )  It’s your grandma’s mascara stained tears during the ceremony and how her hands tightly clench a photo of her with her late husband on their wedding day. It’s the look on your father’s face when he see’s his baby get married. Its the unique light that you bring into the lives of all the people you love who will surround you to celebrate on this special day!

      I want to help everyone celebrate and appreciate the unplanned, unknown and unexpected just as much as the planned. So let’s get started telling your love story, I can’t wait to hear it!

      If you are inquiring about floral services please submit a floral questionnaire